Directorate General of Public Accounts, Ministry of Finance, Turkey

The Directorate General of Public Accounts is responsible in Turkey for the preparation of accounting and reporting standards for the general government sector; the establishment of the accounting system for the general government institutions and the control of its performance; the provision of accounting services and the collection and dissemination of public finance data.


State General Accounting Department, Ministry of Economy and Finance, Italy

The State General Accounting Department is responsible in Italy for policies, processes and public finance requirements. It prepares and manages the State budget and verifies and examines trends in general government expenditure and revenue. It is called upon to assess the financial impact of all legislative provisions and ensure that accounting regulations are consistently interpreted and uniformly applied. Lastly, through its inspection activity, it supervises the financial management of public administrations.


Italian National Statistical Institute – ISTAT

The Italian National Statistical Institute is responsible for national government accounts compiled according to the European System of Accounts and EU excessive deficit procedure reporting. ISTAT contributes to our project with its long standing experience in public finance data sources and methodologies, in data standardization, aggregation and quality procedures, as well as with innovative practices in data dissemination.


CSI-Piemonte is responsible for the implementation of innovative services for the Regional and Local Public Administrations located in the Piedmont Region in Italy, thereby helping them to be more efficient, modern and to reduce public spending costs. CSI-Piemonte provides expertise and competency in datawarehousing, data mining and decision making applied to financial governance at various levels of public administration.

Formez PA

Formez PA – Centre for Services, Assistance, Studies and Training for the Modernisation of the PA – is subject to the supervision of Italy’s Presidency of the Council of Ministers – Department for Public Administration. It carries out activities at the international level to facilitate exchanges of experience between countries and introduce systems compliant with EU standards and regulations.